Azure SQL DW. Redefining MPP, how it stacks against Snowflake and RedShift

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Oscar Zamora

Azure SQL DW. Redefining MPP, how it stacks against Snowflake and RedShift

Data Warehousing has been traditionally deployed via on-prem MPP solutions, and due to cloud modernization, and datacenter reduction footprint initiatives, organizations are looking out to establish a relationship with a cloud solution that can help them get off the traditional storage and compute licensing scheme, to easily scale their workloads without spending millions in newly acquired hardware, and to reduce their database administration operational tasks.
Snowflake, RedShift and Teradata provide a path to migrate workloads into the cloud and allows a very reduced utilization expense for both compute and storage. That is at least, what the marketing says as it has a tacit disclaimer around it.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse offers scalability, pay-as-you-go compute solutions, with data contained within the database boundaries.
The presentation shows a side by side comparison, with pros and cons of each platform and debunks some of the myths that have surfaced.

Speaker BIO:
For the past 18 years, I have been leading and executing complex data and analytics solutions. I help businesses discover opportunities by enabling cloud technologies that drives them to improve operations, reduce risks, increase quality and take strategic decisions impacting their bottom line. I work directly with Senior Management to establish roadmaps and strategies, and mentor engineers with best practices for data processing and development.

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